5 Helpful Tree Removal Tips to Remember

Trees are one of the most essential and amazing features of nature. They can efficiently upscale the curb appeal of any landscape. However, along with the trees’ benefits to their surroundings is the maintenance they require to stay healthy and beautiful. There are also instances where the trees have to be removed because it is the only solution left to save the other trees in the area. 

When the warm weather comes, many homeowners may want to do some spring cleaning. Since the weather is great, it is also ideal to remove some dead growth from trees, bushes or perennials. However, there are also times when complete tree removal is needed because the tree has been uprooted by strong winds or heavy flooding. 

At Ballarat Tree Removal, we understand how dangerous it is to remove a tree, especially if the tree in question is already as tall as your house. That is why we come up with some helpful tips to remember if you need to remove a tree from your property. 

Check local guidelines. 

Before you get your equipment and start cutting trees, it is essential to understand your town or city local statutes and guidelines about tree removal. You should determine if you can remove the tree, especially if it is not situated on your property. You might also have to obtain a permit before proceeding with the tree removal project. 

Invest in proper safety equipment. 

No matter how short or tall the tree you are going to remove, it is still best to equip yourself with a hard hat, face shield and safety goggles to shield yourself against falling debris. Make sure to also use heavy-duty gloves, grip boots and protective clothing to avoid injuries. If you will use a chainsaw or a wood chipper, don’t forget to wear hearing and leg protection. 

Exercise caution when using power equipment. 

One of the vital tips you should not forget is to be careful around the power equipment you will use to remove a dead or dying tree. Chainsaws, wood chippers and even manual tools like axes are extremely dangerous in the hands of a person who does not understand how to use them properly. That is why at Ballarat Tree Removal, we recommend that you let the experts do their job, especially if the tree looks unmanageable on your part.  This is to ensure your safety and also the people around you. 

Make sure that the climbing equipment is safe and working. 

At Ballarat Tree Removal, our workers are trained to handle large trees. Since it is hazardous to climb a tree unprotected, you have to ensure that your climbing equipment, like a harness and ladder, are safe to use and can support your weight so you can avoid falling. 

Keep spectators away from the immediate area. 

Always remember to keep all the spectators away from the site because it can be extremely dangerous when weak branches fall unexpectedly. Besides that, large trees may not fall where you think they will fall, so as a preventive measure, just make sure that no one is in the immediate area to avoid accidents.