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If you need help with tree removal and plant care, our experts are here for you. We provide skilled services to residential and commercial clients in Ballarat and the surrounding areas. You can count on us!

Tree Removal in Ballarat

We know that trees are essential and lovely features of the environment. However, there are instances where they have to be removed. Although it may be a hard decision to make, sometimes removing a tree is the most practical and sensible solution you have to take. With our team’s adept tree care and arboricultural knowledge, we can guide you through this process.

At Ballarat Tree Removal, we work hard to meet the cutting edge tree management and exceed our customers’ expectations. We are the local experts to call for your tree removal project. We have the expertise and modern tools and equipment required to effectively finish the job for you.

Our team of tree surgeons has extensive experience in handling small tree removals for residential and industrial properties in Ballarat. With that in mind, we can also help you determine whether you have to remove a tree or not. Here are some instances where opting for tree removal is more advantageous:

  • If your tree is dead, there is no better solution than taking it down. It cannot be rejuvenated, and it will slowly lose strength as time passes. If you opt for tree removal, you can avoid possible damages to nearby properties, cars, or people if it falls unexpectedly.
  • Trees can also have diseases that may eventually lead to irreversible damages. Our experts can look into your tree’s condition and determine if it is infected. Tree removal may be needed if there is a high risk of spreading the disease to other healthy trees.
  • Healthy trees can also be removed if they encounter major damages caused by severe storms, lightning strikes, or other extreme weather conditions. A damaged tree can just be a hassle or danger to your property and the people around it.

Stump Removal in Ballarat

Sometimes even if the tree removal project is done, it will still leave a reminder on your property: a tree stump and its roots. This stump may not cause trouble at first, but the longer you leave it and let it stick around, the more chances that it can become a safety hazard or a nuisance. If you let the stump rot, it may also lead to it being a hub for termites and carpenter ants that can even spread out to your healthy plants and trees.

Even if the tree’s roots have spread out across your yard, trust that we can handle the project for you. We are equipped with the knowledge and the tricks of the trade, as well as the necessary heavy-duty equipment to fully extract the stump and its roots.

If you have plans to have a tree stump removed on your property, it might be best to invest in our professional team to have a worry-free experience and satisfactory results. Most of the time, we advise stump removal because of these reasons:

  • A decaying tree stump and its roots are an eyesore that can affect your yard’s overall aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • It can be a nuisance, especially if you are mowing your garden. The stump and its roots can even cause substantial damage to your equipment if you accidentally roll over them.
  • It can be a tripping hazard, especially for kids who love to play in your yard.
  • Tree roots that are strong enough can cause damage to pipes and sewage lines.

Stump Grinding in Ballarat

Grinding a tree stump is significantly different from removing it.  If you are scouring for a more manageable alternative to stump removal, then you can try stump grinding. When you opt for stump grinding, our team will get rid of a tree stump without having to dig all its roots out. This can be a great preference if the stumps are too large or too deep to be fully extracted. 

At Ballarat Tree Removal, we use our top-grade stump grinder to shave the remaining stump until it is gone. Grinding will leave a hole in your yard, but it looks cleaner than total tree stump removal, and it is easier to manage. Besides that, if you choose to grind your tree stump, you will no longer worry about its roots resprouting because they will eventually decompose as time passes. Many in the tree industry opt for stump grinding, and here are the reasons why we greatly recommend it:

  • Tree stumps can be a great space for termites, weed bees, carpenter ants, and other insects. Unfortunately, these insects can make their way to your home as well as your other plants and trees. Our efficient team can get rid of that hub to ensure that insects will not take up residence in your yard. 
  • If you have a stump in the middle of your lawn, it can be a potential hazard for everyone and your lawn equipment. Kids who love to run around can trip on it and may even lead to a more serious injury. Let us crush that stump as early as possible to prevent these hazards. 
  • If you don’t get rid of your tree stumps, they may grow back and pull nutrients for your other trees. 

Tree Pruning in Ballarat

A healthy tree will just keep on growing. Without proper tree care like tree pruning and tree clearing, it can lead to various problems such as overgrowth, dead leaves, fallen trees and branches, undergrowth, and diseases. Do you want to maintain the excellent features of your garden throughout the year, but you don’t have time to take care of it? Don’t fret because we got your back!

We know that maintaining and caring for trees can be consistent year-round work. That is why our proficient and experienced arborists are always ready to take on the job for you. We are the team of specialists to call if you are looking for a trusted and dependable tree service provider in Ballarat. 

Our knowledgeable arborists have years of experience in handling various breeds and anatomies of plants and trees, so you can ensure that they can come up with a treatment and solutions to avoid the potential threats to your trees. Tree pruning is one of the preventive maintenance we provide for your trees to look their best and stay healthy. Here are the key benefits you can get if you let us work with you on this project:

  • Tree clearing will remove diseased and dead branches or stubs to make room for healthy growth and prevent damage to your surroundings. 
  • Our team of tree surgeons will create an aesthetic and proportioned hedge to blend into your preferred style and existing layout seamlessly. 
  • With regular tree pruning, you can reduce the risks caused by damaged and dead branches. This is also a way of reducing the habitat options of insects, pests, and even snakes.

Arborist Services in Ballarat

Having healthy trees in your residence can benefit you and your whole community in more ways than one. If you want them to stay healthy and get the proper tree care they deserve, it might be best to hire a professional arborist. At Ballarat Tree Removal, we can be your one-stop-shop for all your tree service needs because we also offer an array of arborist and arboriculture services. 

With our top-quality tools and equipment, as well as vast industry knowledge, we can properly maintain and enhance your trees’ aesthetic appeal, health, and structure for the years to come. If you are interested in our efficient and dependable arborists’ services, we can extend them to you and your trees. Here are some of them:

  • We offer various tree health care and tree maintenance such as pest and disease maintenance to make sure that your trees will stay healthy for a long time. 
  • We can cater to your tree’s cabling and bracing requirements, especially for those that need additional support and attachment. 
  • Our team can provide proper soil aeration and other tree care services to improve your tree’s root growth.


Professional Tree Lopping and Arborist Services in Ballarat


Our team is composed of qualified arborists equipped with complete training, safety certificates, and insurance. With our years of reputable expertise and excellent track record in the field, we have been one of the prominent tree service providers in Ballarat.


We come with experience and top-grade equipment to ensure that we deliver dependable, timely and professional tree services. With our keen attention to detail, we always deliver results with careful precision to meet your unique specifications and preferences.


At Ballarat Tree Removal, we aim to finish our tree removal services within the timeline we set with our customers. We are committed to making our customers have high-quality and quick tree services and solutions through our efficient workers and best equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re looking for tree services, it’s important to explore things like quality, reliability and experience.  We have over 60 years of combined experience in the industry with a full range of services from pruning trees to landscaping or stump grinding.

Trees need to be pruned for a number of reasons including: safety, aesthetics and tree health. Broken or dead branches can cause injuries if they fall – often without warning! If a tree’s branches grow too big for the tree, they have to be trimmed up so that you don’t risk harming your home with them. From an aesthetic perspective as well, trimming helps make trees look better from afar-often providing homeowners with new perspectives on their property or horizon line. If you’re thinking about having someone else do any work done in this area it is important that only Certified Arborists are hired; while unskilled individuals might not know what could happen by cutting off parts of the trunk unnecessarily.

At Tree Removal Ballarat, we take every precaution necessary to protect your property and minimize any impact on the landscape. For example, our crews lay down protective material over sensitive areas when necessary. Additionally, foremen and crew members are extremely experienced in all types of removals including hand work as well as an aerial lift or crane work for higher branches. Our clients constantly compliment us by mentioning that it is almost impossible to tell you were here other than from tree care!